Christmas 2012

Tis the season to be jolly! How’s your Christmas everyone? Hope ya’ll had a good time! Anyways, i’ll share my christmas experience.. one of the best christmas, so far! :)


Le food!


My specialty! I cooked this. Mehehehe :3

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree


My auntie’s toy poodle! Queenie! Such a cutie pie! <3


Our gifts for the fam.:)



So happy! Receiving my first iPhone! :)

IMG_1608 IMG_1612


We stayed up all night. Fun. Hope you all had a great christmas! Till’ next year! :)


Homemade Grilled Salmon

Hi guys! It’s been a while, and it’s finally christmas! For christmas eve lunch we decided to have some salmon. So first I marinated it. Here are the ingredients :




-Onion Chives

And that’s it, it’s very easy and you can have a very delicious-electric grilled salmon! Enjoy!!!



DIY : Ombre Nails :)

Hey guys! Since ombre is a hot trend now, why don’t you try doing it with your nails with very few easy steps.

All you need is

– Nail polish (2 colors)



-Foam/cotton cloth

That’s it!!

1. First paint your nails with the color that you want.


2. After painting your nails with the base color, put some drops of the same color that you used + another one that you like. I got red and pink. Then draw some lines in the middle with your toothpick

3. Damp it on a sponge/foam or a piece of cotton cloth (used for facial wipes).

4. There you have it, just damp it to your nails. Let it dry and apply your topcoat.

There you have it, very easy!




Finally found a new tea place in Katipunan ave. extension! It’s called Bonappetea. The last time I saw this is that they were just in a small stall beside their newly opened place. We got there by night and it was empty and very cozy. It’s not just your simple milk tea place. It’s really different and they serve their own specialty and hot teas.

The menu. There were many to choose from. :)

My classmate Stephanie with her Nirvana. Since it was our first time, they recommended us their best-seller “Nirvana”. It tastes good, nothing new actually. It got the same taste from Moonleaf’s WMT. Angel ordered Purple Royale. Which is kinda special because it tasted different and cool. I would order it next time. I ordered Dutch Dreams, which is a chocolate based milk tea. I would go anything for chocolate. Hehehe. No regrets. It was yummy! (Medium – P70)

They also serve French Macaroons at p30 each and other dessert!

Give it a try guys!