Banapple is one of my favortie restos! I love their food and especially their own specialty, cakes! Here are some pictures I wanted to share with you. I swear you should try em’. :)

Their asian crabstick mango sandwhich! my teachers ordered it when I went to a date with em’ hahaha!

My favorite cake! I forgot the name though. Hahaha!

And their very delicious Lasagna Roll-Ups, very cheesy & meaty! And the serving is alot that i can’t even finish it by myself! Every penny is worth it! It’s so so yummy!

For vegits out there! Super Ceasar Salad! Must try it!

BTW I got the photo of lasagna & salad from ( Because I already finished  mine before I remember to take a photo!

You should also try their Chicken Parmigiano, Three sausage pasta, Burger ( forgot the exact name ) And many more!!!! :)

Enjoy life, Eat delicious food!

~ Diana


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