Hong Kong Day 1

I went to Hong Kong with my sister & mom last September 9-12 ( If I am not mistaken). And since I’ve got nothing to blog about I just thought that I’ll just gonna post it. Better late then never. :)

So we arrived in Hong Kong around 11 am 2 hours flight…

I was really exited because this is my first trip out of the country.

Le Map, So we won’t get lost!

Aunthentic Yang Chow fried rice, they call it there Yan Zhou..

For desert it’s really delicious!

MTR!!! It’s so fast!

And so we went to this place called Nathan Road/Harbour City where you can shop all you can! They’ve got all the stores here! I just wanna live there!

You see the line is so so long! One of the reasons it’s good to shop here is the price is alot cheaper! And more stuffs to choose on! 

JUICY COUTUREEEEE! :). My gosh. I almost fainted when I saw this store. So pink! I want to buy the pink jacket as you can see in the picture the one hanging and a bag.

It’s pretty cool that their train got doors and it just opens when the train arrives. Which means no accidents. I wish it’s also like that here in the Philippines!

Cute Nescafe.

Isaw! Eww. Hahaha. At least there it’s frozen unlike here it’s just beside the streets!



Nyehehehe. There are alot of pics from day 1 but it’s in the other laptop so yeah. So we got back to our hotel around 6pm. My sister told me that she want to eat in this place called yoshinoya or whatever it’s Japanese. But the thing is, we fell asleep.. without knowing it’s already 6:30 am. And BTW most of them don’t speak English so it’s hard to communicate.


More posts to follow!



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