Starbucks Planner 2012

Starbucks Planner means Stickers. Well this year I’ve got to collect 17 stickers to avail Starbucks 2012 planners since I chose option 1. In option 1 you need to have 9 stickers of Christman Coffee & 8 of any core beverages. In option 2 you need to collect 23 sticker from any core bevs. Many right? But it’s their tradition and never in a million years that they would sell it except for other countries like Korea!


It’s made out of wood, Cherry, Oak, Bamboo etc.. Which made it unique compared to the previous one!


The Pouch

So far I’ve already collected 3 stickers I’ve lost the two one. Whenever I go to the mall I make sure that I would get starbucks for the sticker. But obviously I can’t because I’d rather buy yogurt or DQ if I want to… or craving for. I kept telling my sister that I want the planner and she told me that I can just order from the internet which is good. But I still want to collect stickers. The prices of planner here in the net is around P1,500 on :) It is still unfair that starbucksph won’t sell it! While Korea does! My aunt actually promised me that she will get me one. But the design is different.! ;(. No wonder my weight seems to gain every Christmas. :D.



High on caffiene ( joke, I usually order their coffee-free beverages)



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