Hong Kong Day 3

Day 3 is finally here. Last day ( that’s what I also thought, but our flight was delayed so we are required to stay one more night ). Well since we though that “this is gonna be our last day” we went shopping & took pictures. bwahahaha.

We went to a local market!

They’re selling live frogs!!! Are they gonna eat this? :/



FANTA. Y U NO available here in Manila?!

KFC for lunch!

my siter. hehehe.

:) We actually asked for water instead they gave us hot water. That’s not the first time you know, when went to a dinner on day 2 it also happened. I mean water , cold water.

Street foods.

Went back to Harbour City & Shopped! Bought clothes & pasalubong!

Noodles, I didn’t order since I wasn’t in the mood for noodles. Instead I just had Mcdonald’s


On the way to airport! Byeee

I really had fun. :)



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