Yabu x Shopping ^_^

At last! After a long wait me & my friend Stephanie went to Megamall to dine in , in Yabu! The first authentic Katsu Resto here!

We ordered pork tonkatsu ( Hire 100g )

Mmmm look so yummy! Well it is, It’s crunchy and very soft.

It comes with a bowl of rice, unli cabbage ( which I really enjoyed ) fruits, miso soup. Every penny is worth it. And since the servings is many, me & Steph weren’t able to finish it! Hahaha!

Grind the sesame then put out some sauce

Their manga – inspired wall! So kawaii!

After that we did a “little” shopping.. well not really little. hahaha


Hehehe :)).

Yogurt from Tutti Frutti

Gon Chan milk tea!!

Well yeah, so that’s it. We were really tired, but it was fun!

Till’ Next time! ;)



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