New Year’s Eve rocks!

New Year’s Eve ( Movie ) Rocks! It is so good & romantic! If you’ve seen my previous post about this movie you can see how I really wanted to watch this movie.

they’re really sweet <3

After our christmas party earlier this day we went to the mall and bought tickets. Since it is free seating we don’t mind the time. We roam around & got food.

My favorite Starbucks.Ordered Chocolate Frap Venti for the first time!

Also grabbed some tacos from taco bell and some popcorn. Until to the time that it was already starting when we got in. =.= And the place was packed so we were just able to seat in the second row! Which was very near :(. But at least we enjoyed the movie!

The actually kissed!

Sarah Jessica Parker as Abigail Breslin mom.. I forgot their screen name, both my favorite actress!

there’s a funny story about this preggy women who wants to give birth at New Year’s Eve, so you better watch it!

It’s really funny at the same time romantic :)


But before we go home we stopped by Krispy Kreme. Yep, that’s how our diet works.

actually wanna watch it again! haha





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