Paris. My dream city. It’s my dream to go to Paris, to shop & dine in! To go to Eiffel Tower and see the whole view of Paris! And since I’ve got nothing to blog about I just decided that maybe I should blog about the places that I want to go to.




(pics from tumblr)

Paris is such a beautiful city! It’s romantic. They’ve got everything ♥. My auntie who went to tour Europe last 2009 got me an Eiffel Tower keychain but I didn’t took good care of it because before I really don’t mind going to Paris. And now I regret loosing it.


Le french Macaroon.. I haven’t tasted one. And i believe that this is really delicious. I really don’t know where to buy these here in Manila. I actually saw one when we were in HK airport but we were in a hurry because we might be late for our flight.


Paris I’ll be there soon.



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