Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone! Had a blast this year. Well not really because I really can’t feel the spirit of christmas this year i don’t why but it happens every other year, haha see I already knew this was coming! At least I had fun tho. But before Christmas day we went around  to see some christmas lights. We went to Ayala to see these gorgeous lights.


The lights display lasted 15 minutes and it changes color and theme with music. Which is very good.

Others.. lol (too lazy to post pics)

12.25.11 has finally arrived.

Christmas Tree. Celebrated it in my aunt’s place.

Let’s eat!

my favorite part. “gift giving” hahaha.

Skype with out relatives from States.

Frosty the snowman.

Ate dinner 2 times. The main meals + after an hour or two, pizzas with some sphagetti. hahaha!

It was such a nice & memorable day. Each year this is the most awaited event. Because of it’s festivity and real meaning. Speaking of real “meaning” it’s about the birth of Christ that’s why it is called “CHRISTmas”. No offense but I really don’t like people who do Xmas instead of Christmas it’s like they’re removing Christ & it’s real meaning. So I hope you understand, joke! Give love. :)




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