Gong Cha & Chatime

Milk Tea is the new drink trend. I pretty much see everyone carrying plastic cups from different milk tea stores most of them are from Gong Cha & Chatime. They’re milk tea’s that  comes in favorite & delicious flavors!

Caramel Milk Tea from Gong Cha that Steph ordered.

Got Chocolate Milk which tastes really good. Same as the caramel one.

Chatime is also known worldwide from different countries it originated in Australia.

Chatime’s Pearl Milk Tea that Steph ordered. It wasn’t like what we expected. We are expecting on more flavor rather than just tasting the real tea with some milk & pearl (which is very obvious on it’s name). It’s also delicous but next time I am planning to get their milk tea with banana or whatever it is called.

These milk teas are really good since I really don’t drink hot tea or ginger tea except for iced tea. And now they’re becoming my fave! Be sure to get one.





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