Highlights of 2011

I know it’s already January 13, 2012 (friday the 13th, I really don’t know why they hate that date) and I shouldn’t be talking about 2011 anymore but I will. Highlights of 2011 (based on my own analysis). I am just gonna put up here what attracts me the most last 2011. So let’s start now!

Harry Potter 7p2

For 8 years I’ve watched HP and still can’t believe that it’s going to an end. I almost cried at the ending when they’re all grown up with Ron + Hermoine & Harry + Ginny watched their kids as they went off to Hogwarts from King’s Cross Station. How I wish that harry potter has more than 7 books! Too bad I haven’t got the chance to read the book, maybe soon I will.

Firework by Katy Perry

It is such an inspirational song and the music video tries to teach us how we accept everyone around us. Can tell that it is a big hit. Like everyday in our school we sing it like everybody else. Good job Katy!

Cooking eggs!

Oh look my masterpiece! ( joke got this from tumblr)

I know this is stupid but I just realized that most of the time i cooked egg last 2011. I don’t know how but I actually did. Most of them are scrambled. And my not so damaged sunny side up! While i was cooking one i was nervous that it will stick to the pan just like that so I flipped it on, then it turned out to be a scrambled side up! (plus, most of the time I forgot to put salt). I actually enjoyed it tho. More eggs this 2012. LOL!

Nicholas Sparks

Most of the book i’ve read last year was written by Sparks my favorite writer! I have 5 books of him now and I am planning to collect them all this year, well maybe not but soon! He is really inspiring and speaks about faith, true love and makes you understand others thought. So far my favorite book of his is Safe Haven, haven’t read The Notebook but heard that it was tear-jerker and one of the best. The films are also good. Great actors & actresses. Got this Nicholas Sparks mania! Oh i forgot to mention he went here in the Philippines last october but too bad i can’t go because of some school events!!! I almost cried and I just wanted to go out of our school but obviously i can’t! It’s such a lost! Maybe next time. ;(


Words can’t describe how amazing Adele is. Never heard a strong, beautiful voice before. Especially Rolling in the Deep! I can’t even sing the high pitch part! It’s just so lovely. When I first heard it I was like..”uhm this song isn’t my genre” but i ended up repeating the play button. Her songs are not just “just a song” it speaks. I like it. Especially Someone like you. She’s an inspiration to me being not as skinny as a model there’s so much into life and it’s not just to loose weight. I love you Adele <3.

Super Bass

:D. This song got my bones moving. Boy you got my heartbeat running away! I actually memorized the rap right after I keep repeating it. Lovely.


Mcdonalds Sundae ( Double hot fudge & caramel )


Okay so calm down when I first saw that they’re finally having doubles i was so happy! Whenever i eat sundae i feel like it wasn’t enough and i want more or sometimes I want it combined! And finally it’s here. My favortie is Hot fudge & caramel duo! :) YEEAAAAHHHH! (hope that they won’t pull this out)

Twilight Breaking Dawn P1

I promise myself that i am not going to publish this post without posting Breaking Dawn. I swear that watching the movie is like a dream come true. I mean I waited for it more than a year! So it must be good and it is! Wasn’t really disapointed, the places & scenes. The childbirth really knocked me out (haha too bloody) but the ending is so so so so…….. not so great. It’s like they’ve only given us a clue that Bella is finally transformed into vampire then “end”. Great. Part 2!!!!


Uhm so I’ve got actually “tons” to post but I am really busy with some stuffs right now so i can’t make it. But don’t worry I’ll post it soon! Hope you liked it. I want to hear what’s yours.. I’ll be glad if you’ll even submit it to me then if it’s good i’ll post it here! :)


Have a great year ahead.



2 thoughts on “Highlights of 2011

  1. Are you my soulmate? I love Adele, Nicholas Sparks (went to his book signing just to see him and not even get a book signed), Katy Perry (went to the concert), and Twilight! OMG! :)

    Followed you. ;)

    • Yay! Thanks. Sorry for my late reply.

      Oh yeah? that’s good? I mean Adele, Nicholas .. etc is just so good! It fits perfectly for me! Tell me about the book signing. :)

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