Double Cheeseburger

I was never a mcdo-addict but I think I am becoming one of them now. Okay so my friend is giving us free discount coupons which laid discounts for some mcdo meals. And so I decided to try their double cheeseburger (so yeah i haven’t tasted one before).

It was really delicious. The cheese melts in your mouth and the patty is so juicy. Haha!        I never really liked their cheeseburger well maybe a little bit but their double cheeseburger is totally good! Especially the one with LARGE fries & drinks. I know that it has alot of carbs and it’s oily a.k.a “not good for our health”. But don’t worry not eating it everyday!

hmmm lots of ketchup!

I can’t just imagine that i’ve never had a D.C. before. I mean mcdo is just down the street and I eat there everytime….. LOL. It’s not actually big as the one in the picture but it’s okay, it’s always like that.

My next target is Quarter Pounder. I just got the vibes to eat everything that i’ve never taste before. Especially the delicious ones. I don’t know.. more like a food trip?!

Happy eating you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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