Fun Friday Date ★ : Banapple!

If you’re thinking who’s my date.. it’s just my girlfriends! Not a boy or something. LOL. But before we went out and had “our date” we had a little fun at school. We had a little victory party.. not actually victory since we got the last place for the Battle of Bands!

Okay so let’s move on to the main entry of this post. :D. So me & my bff’s Jemi & Bea went to dine in, in Banapple! One of our favorite restos. We were supposed to go with Angel some of our guy friends for our shooting but for some reasons they can’t go and so the shooting is cancelled. Ended up me,jemi, bea having a date on our own. LOL.

Ordered Chicken Parmigiana. It’s really delicious the chicken is so tender and the sauce is really good. Plus it is served with garlic rice!!! Yum!

While we were eating we talked about lots of things. Hahaha more of like a meeting. :)

Lasagna Roll-Ups

Their Yo ho Cheesecake ( totally forgot the exact name ) and their specialty Banofee Pie on the back.

So full! Thumbs up. The food is great. But the place is a little packed.

Yipee. had a little photoshoot in their cute bathroom. Feel so blessed to have great friends around.

Till’ next time.

❤ Diana


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