Vans : The Collection

“Vans’ storied history, and our connection with skate and surf culture, began in 1966 Southern California with the rolling out of a single pair of shoes. They were named Authentic. In the generations since, they have only gotten more popular amongst hardcore skaters and skate enthusiasts. Their design is simple, stylish, and effective: a low top lace-up profile made with sturdy canvas uppers, and signature waffle rubber soles.”

Okay so I am not a fan of “Vans” and I don’t own any pair. But I think i find it attractive! Everytime I blogged on Tumblr I always see pictures of peeps wearing Vans, Original Vans, ragged – off Vans, Hello Kitty Vans etc.. Plus, some of my friends do wear Vans. I am not planning on buying vans on the near future but I guess I will! Just saw these brand new releases Vans Collection ( p.s. this is not actually very new this was so last year ). I find Hello Kitty the cutest and most unique.

Hello Kitty Aunthentic Lo pro. I mean look at this cute thing! I love Hello Kitty and seeing this just melts my heart. Hahaha!

Ugh so cute! Got this from Tumblr.

Slip On!

Such a cutie. Next is their Yo Gabba Gabba! The first time I’ve seen Yo Gabba Gabba is in Nick jr. hahaha!


I want to have em’ all especially the pink one!!! Very cute! <3 Love it! Ever since I’ve seen this yo gabba gabba stuff i am pretty much addicted to them now!

Let’s see what i will get soon! :) Yay!





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