Chatime + Krispy Kreme

After school me & my friends Chairein & Mary Rose went to the mall to buy some materials that we need for our project. But of course one of the reasons that I really wanna go to the mall is that so i can get some milk tea. I’ve been craving for it for like a week after my Gong Cha disaster.

So I just went to Chatime and ordered their Chocolate Mousse with Pudding after battling which place to go, Starbucks or Chatime. But since I totally wanna try out some tea. Well I ended up in Chatime, obviously. Chocolate Mousse is good. The white topping on top seems to be salty which makes a good combination with the chocolate! Next time I am planning to order their Ooloong Mousse Tea ( Rock Salt & Cheese ) or maybe their Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk!

Almost done! Satisfied! Milk Tea craze is like a big trend here in Manila!

After that we went to Krispy Kreme to grab some doughnuts! I am actually surprised to see their doughnuts in heart shaped! Maybe because it’s the love month. So cute.

(the first 2nd pictures was from my phone so it’s a little blurry)

Oh looks so delicious!!! You see it’s so so attractive at the same time tempting.

Because of that I ordered Chocolate Cookie Crunch. Only ordered one because I’ve already eaten too much. ( Which later on I regret )

Mary Rose ordered original glazed and some chocolate flavored doughnut while Chairein ended up with White Hat. Jeez, we love food!


A very very delicious day! Looking forward to taste you soon! Haha!





4 thoughts on “Chatime + Krispy Kreme

  1. It’s been a while since my last cup of Chatime’s bevs ’cause I always buy my milk tea or tea from Gong Cha.. ^^ Anyway, the KK heart-shaped donuts look so tempting! Too bad I’m not big on donuts anymore.

    • This is actually my first time on Chatime. Speaking of Gong Cha i had a bad memory of it. Since everyone is talking about their Winter Melon Tea I ordered “LEMON” wintermelon tea and not the one with milk ;(. And the taste isn’t good. Really, I even ordered the large one huhuhu. But now I think I am ready for another Gong Cha beverage :). You should try out their heart shaped doughnut, the taste is more powerful.

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