Saturday Jam with Angel : Foodie Lovers!

So earlier I was really bored and I keep on tweeting that i want to go out. And to find my luck, my bestfriend Angel is feeling the same! Hah! After that we decided to go out. We went to Gateway (which is the nearest mall in our place).

We went around the mall and eventually we got hungry. So we stopped at Taco Bell and grabbed my Beef & Potato Burrito with Nacho Sprinklers. Didn’t get a chance to take pictures.

So let’s move on with Angel’s, she ordered two doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

She is having a diet. Not a usual diet coz’ she wants to gain more wait rather than loose unlike me. hehehe.

Had my dessert from DQ. Ordered Kitkat at 12 oz. with extra topping of Oreo. It was good. Too sweet tho.

And for the highlight of the day! We get the chance to taste French Macaroon for the first time! I mean I’ve been craving French Macaroons for like months… I always just see the picture of it on tumblr or any food-blogging sites and now I’ve got the chance to taste it. Plus, to our surprise we could only find one in French Baker! I mean i always got the chance to pass by FB and I really don’t care looking at their breads except for Garlic bread. But this day… I realized that in FB I can find what i was looking for in a long time. Tsk. :[. FRENCH MACAROON.

We ordered Persian Chocolate Macaroon @ 36 pesos each. Not really pricey because it is the ideal price for macaroons.

Yay! It was love at first taste. It tasted like cake with brownies. And it is soft, you will also catch a glimpse of red velvet.  I actually wanted to buy more but my tummy is already full. But next i promise i will taste it all! :]

Oh i forgot I failed to grab some milk tea. But I don’t regret it at all. I am sort of planning to grab some Gong Cha’s Milk WinterMelon Tea because I’ve already moved on with my Gong Cha disaster. hahahaha!




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