Hey guys! It’s friday again! Our school dismissed us early (half day) because of the J.S. Prom! Which is a perfect time to eat out with my friends. Actually we were suppose to have our shooting for our project in Banapple but the place is a little crowded so we just cancelled it.

Anyways, we munched it their cakes & rice & pasta meals. I don’t know but we got to order first their cakes and while half of finishing it we just got hungry and want to eat more. Hehehe.

I ordered their Snickers Chocolate Cheesecake. It was good , you can really taste the snickers aroma but the cheese is a little bit soft. But it’s okay then. Looks really tempting.

My classmates got the Berry cheesecake (on the left) and Banoffee pie.

^You see that’s what our cake looks like when we decided to order our main dish. haha sort of like the opposite!

Ordered their pork fried with bacon with mushroom gravy or something like that ( P.S. that’s not the exact name ) hahaha! It goes well with the corn & seasoned rice.

My friends ordered Lasagna Roll -Ups. Their lasagna is really good. They’ve got generous amount of sauce.

And my favorite dish… Chicken Parmigiano!!!! It’s soft tender chicken topped with tomato & cheese sauce.


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