Saturday Fail >.<

Saturday Fail! It really is…… Okay so we were supposed to have our shooting for our project but some of our cast member weren’t able to go so I just cancelled it. Instead of going home we just decided to go out. (first fail) First we went to our classmates house and had some photoshoot.

Fail # 2. We weren’t able to shot our jump shot :(. Huhuhuhuhu.


After that we went to the mall ( SM Marikina to be exact ). Actually after riding the jeepney we just walked up to my friend’s house, it was far & it was raining too. Coming to the fail # 3! On the way to the mall ( which is just near his house ) we’re planning to ride trycicle and won’t walk anymore like we did earlier but eventually no trikes showed up! Instead we just walked again in the pouring rain. I was really in the bad mood so I just sang… which makes the rain go harder.


Finally after a long walk we arrived in the mall. One of the reasons why we want to go is just simply because we want to eat. Fail #4… we didn’t bring enough money so we were all bankrupt! Stuck up with Shawarma & Fruitas. :(.

Haven’t had sharwarma for a while now. I actually want to ask you guys what is shawarma’s white sauce made of & what is it exact name? It’s really delicious! And I can’t find one in groceries.

Fruitas is good. I ordered Banana. But I hope it’s much more creamier! Well honestly if you want it more milkier/creamier they’ve got the blended with yogurt or milk or something like that. But like what I said earlier, don’t have enough money. =.=

Anyways… Hope you’ve got a good saturday out there.




4 thoughts on “Saturday Fail >.<

    • Okay I will. I didn’t even know that they serve Banana Split. Ha. :)

      I am. I want to spend every time memorable. It’s actually killing me that time is too fast. :( High School will never be the same!

  1. My mom love fruitas! :)) She usually orders the green mango shake–which I don’t like (of course.) Haha! I usually go for their four seasons if I remember it correctly.

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