Skating x Moonleaf

Hey guys! Sorry If I don’t post too much these days. Anyway remember my post Skateboarding? Oh yes! I’ve already tried it yesterday! It was……… I don’t know. At first I   am learning how to balance, it was hard for a first timer like me. It feels like I am always about to fall and the skateboard would break. Finally after 20 minutes or so I let my hands out of my classmates and do the move on my own. I almost fell but I get it, but obviously I always stomped up my feet on the ground because I feel like falling. Huhuhuhu.

Le me. I was nervous!!!! BTW we did our skating in U.P.

My skating buddies. The one on the skateboard is the one who taught me and he’s really good.

After that we decided to switch places. I mean FYI “nasa gitna kami ng kalsada”! First we decided to drop by his house.

Speaking of safety gears. You see the helmets out there? Yes, I always make sure to be safe! ( Actually the first minute i wore it i removed it )

We went to the park after resting for a while. There it begins my biggest battle! The fear of me falling attacks. I mean I can’t put my other foot at the back so it can move! It took me like after 30 minutes. It was hard but a big relief! I was so so so happy. :). Like a child learning how to ride a bike. I am so glad that my classmate let me borrow his skateboard until monday.

On a hot day what we need is a cold fresh Milktea! We dropped by in Moonleaf in Maginhawa St. I ordered their WinterMelon Milk Tea.It was good, nothing special. Maybe because I’ve seen them putting yakult on? I don’t know but do wintermelons do really need yakult? hahaha. It actually tastes like Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime but much sweeter.

Seats inside were limited. 6-8 pax.

I found their Milk Tea’s affordable! At a big cup price ranges from 50 – 90 pesos. Depends if you will add, add-ons.

Their Caramel Milk Tea with Pearls is really delicious! It’s sweet and just in it’s normal taste! Next time I will order this! My classmate also ordered their Vanilla MT it also taste like WMT.

Got some empanadas fro Empanada Avenue. It was one of my favorite empanada shop.

OTW home. I’ll never forget this day! Words can’t explain how much this day means to me. :).




2 thoughts on “Skating x Moonleaf

    • Yes. Thank you!!!! I will try skating again this week! :) I’ll be careful I promise. But don’t be surprised if I stumble or something. :D

      I love milk tea! I’ve already tried Gong Cha, Chatime, Serenitea, Happy Lemon & Bubble Tea. So what are the other milk tea place? :D hehehe

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