Pancakes with Sundae :>

  Heyyyooo! Last thursday I went to my bff’s crib and had some quality time together! What’s bonding with out eating right? Hahaha! So they served us homemade pancakes. At the same time we ordered Sundae from Mcdo. I got caramel!   MMMMMM. Whillleee I was eating my pancake full of syrup, I decided to […]


What’s CHATIME? CHATIME is a bubble tea franchise from Taiwan. Established in 2005, our business now has over 450 retail locations worldwide. CHATIME landed on Australian shores in late 2009 – launching our first store in Hurstville Westfield in September that year. By the end of 2010, CHATIME Australia expanded to over 26 stores nation-wide. […]

Summer Job.

So…. Summer is coming and the heat is scorching. What more can I ask more. Waves splashing in, sea shells drinking shakes on a hot summer day. Obviously, I am really really exited for summer! A break for everything! My summer plans is. Go somewhere far, skate, food trip, write, draw and many many more. […]

Gravy Fix

  Remember in my previous post that I totally want to try Gravy Fix? Well yes, & I’ve got the chance to try it yesterday! It’s located in Katipunan near Pizza Hut. When we first enter in, it was crowded, full of students. The ambiance isn’t really good, well for me it isn’t. It’s simple […]

Photoroll: March 13 -18, 2012 <3

Heyooo! Sorry coz’ i haven’t been updating my blog. It’s our finals so I need to study… :). Yay! hope you enjoy my photos. So that’s all. That’s what I’ve been eating (most of them , I am with my friends except for the Aristrocrat/Gerrys Grill. Partly because I am not into taking pictures when […]