Moonleaf Tea Shop

Hey! Sorry if I haven’t updated my blog for a week, been busy with school works and other stuffs. Anyway me & my friends went skating again. I don’t want to repeat the same title like the one on my last post hahaha! We went to Moonleaf in Maginhawa St. The last one on my last post is on Magiting St. I didn’t know that they’ve got two branches in U.P. Village! Boo! Anyways the place was packed when we got in but lucky us we got to get seats.

Ordered Caramel Milk Tea! + Chocolate French Macaroons!

I can’t believe that they’ve got pastries.. especially macaroons!


My other peers also ordered the same. But one of them ordered Fruity Yogurt MT. Tastes like Candy. Sweet.

Too bad, pearls aren’t available. :(

That was yesterday March 2, 2012. And now March 3, 2012 I’ve got the chance to get some MT from Moonleaf. Hah!

Moonleaf Katipunan (besides Crave Burgers) is just a booth what I didn’t know is that they’ve got another branch near KFC. Which is much bigger. Silly me.

Ordered Lychee Jasmine MT.

I asked the staffs if the Lychee Jas.. is sweet and they said yes coz’ it got lychees on it. She asked me if I want to add , add-ons I said no. Bad move. I thought that it comes with “real lychee or was it Nata that I was thinking”. Maybe because it was very hot and i am really not focused. It tasted lychee and a glimpse of a flower.. I was like.. really? Then I remembered i ordered Lychee Jasmine Milk Tea. It tastes good! I will order this again.

On the other hand my friend Ordered Passion Fruit.. I forgot. It also tastes good!

We also dined in, in KFC. mm yumm. what a yummy day.

Oh wait I forgot. Moonleaf also gave us free magazine :). hehehe.



2 thoughts on “Moonleaf Tea Shop

  1. Moonleaf! The place is pretty special to me since that’s where I first got a taste of milk tea. I got hooked on the beverage ever since. :D

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