Saturday Skating

Yesterday we went skating, yay! First we went to Riverbanks and had some lunch then to Katipunan, Moonleaf x KFC. Then U.P.! But there’s more.. for the first time I got injured from skating. What a bad move! :(. At first everything is fine. I can skate continously through the bicycle lane.

Then we went for a stop in a parking lot or so.

But as you can see “I was wearing leggings” which means it can be easily torn off. BOO! I tried skating again in the same spot above but I didn’t know that the road is not straight as it appears to be. I ended up lying on the ground. :(


I regret for not wearing pants. Coz’ even if I slipped down I wouldn’t have wound in my knees. :(. Next time i’ll be extra careful. But I was actually kinda expecting this because if you do skateboarding you’ll experience this. Learn from your experience. :) Will not skate for this week.. i guess.




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