I Heart Froyo ❤

I Heart Froyo , located at Magiting St. Teacher’s Village U.P. is a must try! It’s really a good buy. I ordered Twist , means ice cream + froyo with crushed graham and I can say that it is delicious!You can taste the ice cream sweetness combined with froyo’s sourness, just right.

It’s actually my first time here and I wanna try it since i always passed by this store. And I heard that it is actually good. I was also surprised by the prices, so cheap! For a large cup of Twist you can get it for P50! While Froyo P55 for small & P 70 for large. P15 – 20 for each toppings too. Yay!

The place is actually cute. They’ve got freedom board and cork board on where you can post anything. A student place… i guess.

One of my friend ordered blueberry topping and when I mixed it with my froyo it tastes so good, like blueberry cheesecake! Next time I’ll order both! But honestly their froyo isn’t good as Red Mango or White Hat but it’s good.

What a good find! :)



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