Photoroll: March 13 -18, 2012 <3

Heyooo! Sorry coz’ i haven’t been updating my blog. It’s our finals so I need to study… :). Yay! hope you enjoy my photos.

So that’s all. That’s what I’ve been eating (most of them , I am with my friends except for the Aristrocrat/Gerrys Grill. Partly because I am not into taking pictures when I go out with my family, that’s why the photos is in LQ because i don’t bring my camera when I go out with them ,well not all the time). I promise to post better pictures. I actually wanna try Gravy Fix, Sizzling Pepper Steak and other buffet restos except for Yaki Mix , Sambokojin, Saisaki/Dads… hmm. =)) And also my new favorite DQ flavor is Rocky Road. It is really good! I actually ate 2 16 oz. for 2 days. Hahaha!






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