Gravy Fix


Remember in my previous post that I totally want to try Gravy Fix? Well yes, & I’ve got the chance to try it yesterday! It’s located in Katipunan near Pizza Hut. When we first enter in, it was crowded, full of students. The ambiance isn’t really good, well for me it isn’t. It’s simple & okay but the staffs we’re friendly!

The Menu

When we first got the menu i was surprised on how the prices is being cheap! It’s really a good find. I also heard alot about Gravy Fix being a nice place to eat. Me & my friend ordered Southern Fried Chicken P105 with a glass of tall Lemonade, P120! Wow! On the other side my other friend ordered Thick-Cut Pork Chop, having the same price.

Presenting “The Southern Fried Chicken”! I can tell that is really delicious. And the chicken is so crispy and tender. It’s 3pcs so it’s enough for me.. well actually i want more. hehehe. For the gravy I chose Herb with some garlic (forgot the name) and it goes well with chicken. They also offer free refilling of your gravy! YES!

The mouthwatering Thick Cut Pork Chop. It looks good. My friend told me that it is really good. It’s soft and not hard to cut, not like any other steak or chops. I also got the chance to taste it, it’s good! Both of my other friend got House Gravy. It taste different but delicious! Next time i’ll order this. But I am really a garlic person. HAHAHA. :)

For dessert we moved in to Cerialicious. Well I am the only one really wants to drop by there, since it’s been a while since I’ve got the chance to taste cerialicious. So confused about the menu, don’t know what to order! Looks all delicious!

The last time I ordered the Nutting hill. It was delicious, they’ve got generous amount of cereals and toppings. But now I got a little dissapointed.. I ordered the Hurt Loacker.


It do looks good and my first bite was love. But I just noticed that there are too much milk than the cereals! And the milk isn’t really milk, it’s like served with crushed ice. Milkshake. And it isn’t really good. I prefer the one in Galleria. Huhuhuh ;(. But it’s okay it taste good though.


Yay! What a fulfilling day! I am so blessed to have this kind of friends who’s willing to eat & bond with me! In the resto that I want! Hahaha!




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