Summer Job.

So…. Summer is coming and the heat is scorching. What more can I ask more. Waves splashing in, sea shells drinking shakes on a hot summer day. Obviously, I am really really exited for summer! A break for everything! My summer plans is. Go somewhere far, skate, food trip, write, draw and many many more. But me and my friends thought of having a sum mer job. I know it sounds crazy coz’ we were only in our Sophomore year, turning Juniors. And finding a “job” isn’t that easy. In our age I am pretty much sure we won’t get a job. You see there are alot of college students  there who’s struggling to get a job. We just want to experience what’s it’s like to work! I also want to earn money! Yeah! I wanted to work in a milktea place or Yogurt shop! Easy. But obviously, I am dreaming. Any suggestions? :) It would really help!


2 thoughts on “Summer Job.

    • Well yes, that could be an option but being in Sophomore year… incoming junior this year (H.S.) is kinda hard. hahaha! O’well. Maybe I just need to enjoy the summer!

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