CHATIME is a bubble tea franchise from Taiwan. Established in 2005, our business now has over 450 retail locations worldwide.

CHATIME landed on Australian shores in late 2009 – launching our first store in Hurstville Westfield in September that year. By the end of 2010, CHATIME Australia expanded to over 26 stores nation-wide.

Today, the business is growing rapidly. We now have over 12,000 registered members (and growing!) and many conveniently located stores.

We’re committed to bringing our customers the freshest, tastiest bubble tea. And, with over 90 products in our range, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at CHATIME.

What makes CHATIME different?

Unlike other bubble tea chains, our teas are fresh. Our tea is brewed on site. We never use non-dairy creamer, or premade teas from factories.

Freshly brewed tea has more flavour and fragrance. That’s why CHATIME is the best tasting bubble tea around.

What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a frothy, sweetly flavoured tea drink from Taiwan. The drink is infused with different flavourings, shaken to create bubbles and served in a clear cup – often over tapioca pearls.

Another day spent with Chatime. Went to the mall and grabbed some Chatime, before we watch The Hunger Games. I’ve been wanting to taste their Banana Milk Tea ever since, and now I’ve got the chance to taste it!

Chocolate Mousse + Banana Milk Tea = <3

It taste Banana. Obviously. It’s sweet and I like it! I am actually into Bananas these days, ever since i’ve listen to the Banana Song by the Minions ( Despicable me 2). I remember eating banana bubblegum! I recommend for you to taste it. But if you’re not into bananas and into too much sweet then order the small size instead. :)

My friend ordered Chocolate Mousse. It’s one of my favorite. The cream cheese topping blends well with the Chocolate.

Milk Tea Fan!



4 thoughts on “Chatime

    • I want to try their Jelly drinks especially Taiwan Mango QQ or something like that! Hahaha! I also heard Gong Cha’s Wintermelon is the best. Should try it!

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