Happy Lemon (o_<)

Happy Lemon serves one of the best milk tea with their signature “Rock Salt & Cheese”. They originated in Hong Kong and started franchising here in the Philippines.

The first time I tasted Happy Lemon is when I was in Hong Kong.. being unfamiliar with the drink I ordered their most likeable( the one that I know that’ll taste good) milk tea. The “Oreo Milk Tea?” I forgot the name but it got to do something with oreo… I also saw one here in Manila branch.

I ordered their “not-so famous drink” Cocoa with Rock salt & Cheese” Go for LARGE!

I wish their Large size is bigger. Oh well. First taste.. the rock & salt cream topping is great! It taste much better when the time i mixed it!

They spelled my name wrong! Huhuhu. :(

On the other hand my friend ordered their Mango Orange yogurt. We were expecting it to be juice like with a yogurt topping / mousse swirl.

But to our surprise.. it appears to be shake like.

My friend is really disappointed that I just told him that he got it for free. And I told him that we need to try all Happy Lemon’s variety no matter what it taste like. But if you’re a fruit person.. You’ll like Mango Orange Yogurt, it taste good. Perfect for summer! But he was able to finish it. :)






2 thoughts on “Happy Lemon (o_<)

  1. I miss going to Happy Lemon! We used to go here a lot when my friends and I were always meeting up at the GH area… but now, we’re such busy bees :(

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