Happy Monday. Kenny Rogers. #Summer

Me & my friend, Paolo went to Greenhills. We went there to just roam around and look for.. i don’t know. Hahaha. It’s been awhile since I haven’t been there, so I didn’t get bored. But with a very very very hot weather i feel dizzy or something like that, too add, we don’t know where to eat since there are tons of restos! But we just decided to go for Kennys since I love CHICKEN!

Ordered Krispy Chicken & Garlic rice! With Coleslaw for the sidedish.

I was kinda disappointed with the serving of the garlic rice it’s small unlike in Trinoma.. that’s why I ordered extra plain rice.

My friend ordered Burger Steak with Mac & Cheese. He told me that it’s okay but it doesn’t have a sauce.. as in sauce such as gravy or something like that.

What you’re seeing there is not the main sauce.. it’s juices from the beef.

Greenhillls is very confusing (or it wasn’t just like that before when I went there) they’ve got lots of stores and everything, we actually got to a moment when we don’t know how to go out!

Anyways, after a long walk. We decided to have Happy Lemon! hmm gonna feature it in my next post. Stay tune! :)



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