Current Obsession

Hello. How you doing? :). I’ve been busy again these days. But I finally found a time to post some of my personal things here on my blog. And I want to share it with you guys.

First, I am currently obsessed with m new Vans.

I got mine in light/mint green. Is that it? Hahahaha

It was love at first sight. I actually love the color! It is also so comfortable to use. Even without the use of socks. Weee. Now I don’t have to worry in painting my nails now & then because before i usually wear flips flops & sandals.

Moving on, i am loving my Lipsmacker Coca-Cola. Fresh from Atlanta. Oyeah.

Even tho i haven’t tried them all. They all smell good and makes you want to eat them. My favorite is Coke Cherry!!

My aunt sent me these all the way from u.s.a. :)
Happy!! Gonna post more soon. Can’t believe that summer is almost over. huhuhu.



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