Pahiyas Festival (Lucban, Quezon) 2012

One of the most famous festival in the Philippines is the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon. It was held last May 15, 2012. It’s my first time there, so I am just so exited. I’ve never been into a festival like this. I went with my aunt and her friends. Travel time from Manila is from 4:30 – around 10 am (Lucban) including stop overs, breakfast etc. We had a tour package. Including breakfast at Mcdo and lunch, water and freebies etc. I’ve never been to Quezon, so I though that i was gonna get bored at the bus or should I say that I thought that Quezon is really far. But it wasn’t. The ride was smooth.

First we went to Kamay ni Hesus. Ohh. Look, so cool!!!!

This is it. People looks like ants. Hehehehe.

So me and my other 2 companions decided to go up. We thought that it was gonna be easy. But it wasn’t. You still need to turn left and right to go to the other side for the stairs. Since you can’t go up straight. And FYI we are in a hurry coz’ our tourguide has only given us 30 mins, it was supposed to be an hour but we got there late. So.. we ran. Ohmygosh i am so tired, my legs were shaking and i am sweating. Never gonna do that again! But it was fun tho!

The view. wew.


Before we got up. Hahahaha. Noah’s ark..

After that we went straight to the festival. It took us almost 30 min bec. of the traffic. But it was actually near tho.

Oh by the way, while I was taking pictures inside the bus. I spotted this peeps. I hand signaled them that I am gonna take pictures of them. Cute. Hahaha. I don’t even know them! So in case that you knew them. Tell me!

Here we go…

It’s really hot so I admire these girls who wore their costumes.

Let the adventure begin! Beautiful houses!

The Luya House! (Ginger house). So cool! Imagine how hard they did this. Photobomb naman si kuya. :(.

Why so sad? :|. Hahaha


Amazing Floats.

Daming gulays.

Of course, every street that we passed by.. we made sure that we’d bought something! Hats is a big fashion trend there. Hahaha!

Besides shopping for hats, we opted to buy bags, sweets , souvenirs.and their not-so-famous Lucban Longanissa!  It’s like we just went there for shopping! Hahahaha.

Got our longga in Buddy’s! You can dine in, in Buddy’s here in Manila. In Timog, near Gma. They serve the best pancit and other menus. It was so crowded, that it was even stated at the front door that it was closed. But we told them that we are just going to buy longganisa. So they let us in!

The Original buddy’s!

Same ambiance, decor, and everything here in Manila.

The green hat that I bought!

Higantes. Oink Oink!

My new bestfriend :>. So hot! And plastics weren’t allowed in Lucban. Very nice and unusual at the same time!

All in all it was such a very fun day! Besides the scorching heat of the sun, It was really amazing. A very good getaway and a break from the city! :).

~Diana Marie


5 thoughts on “Pahiyas Festival (Lucban, Quezon) 2012

  1. Nice snaps! The houses are beautifully decorated. :)

    I wanted to go to this year’s Pahiyas festival but my schedule’s pretty hectic recently. I hope I’d be able to go there next year!

    • Yeah. Pero it depends naman kung gusto mo. Eh sinamantala ko na rin lang. Kasi I wanna try!!! :>. Hindi ko nga natapos sa sobrang pagod. Yes, you should!! Really fun!

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