My eyes are burning

LADY GAGA LIVE IN MANILA. BORN THIS WAY TOUR. MAY 21, 2012. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. That night was amazing. Words can’t describe it, but i’ll try my best. So first of all. I don’t know what ticket my cousin bought until the time that we were already at the entrance. And this is what she gave me. Le ticket.

I was kinda surprised. I mean, it’s like i wanna jump and everything! I am the happiest girl alive. Hahaha. Okay. So we were at the blue entrance, Marina bay st. The line is so long but it is moving. We were there for like 30 minutes. But it was fun, coz’ you’ll be seeing co-Little Monsters is such a bummer outfits!! Since the arena is brand new, Virgin is what Gaga says. Well it is… So there are a little problems that night. First the entrance,  they’ve must added more. And the coordination in falling in line. The sound system isn’t also that perfect, you know. My right ear went deaf. But it was all worth it.

When I first entered the arena, i missed the most important thing. The merch(I’ll tell you all about it later)! So I went straight up to the second floor. It was love at first sight.

The stage before the show.

We were at the Lower Box section. Why not Patron? First, no chair. If you’re late and small you can’t see anything. So we opted for the LB. Coz’ it has chairs and I just thought that you can see her in the same distance.

Around 8 pm. A DJ went up the stage (her front act). Played party songs. Not Bad. :)

Finally after an hour. Ohgawd, The stage starts to light up!!!!!!!

About to start. High Unicorn was the bomb! She was riding in a unicorn. Obviously. Hahahaha!


Her performance was epic. While riding her unicorn she went around the castle and it was so perfect.Then she appeard…


Next is Goverment hooker. A very hot & sexy performance. O_O.

Blur. Her LEGS. Screencap.

After a few seconds/min, she appeard again. Bringing her womb.


Ugh BORN THIS WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We were all jumping and dancing. Feel na feel ko’. :). But one of my seatmates were so KJ. Bumili pa kayo ng tickets! Hahaha.

So While she is singing Bad Romance, I just wanna dance with her. Since i know it’s dancesteps. But i can’t… coz’ of my “Superfun” seatmates! Hahaha. I was just so so happy. It’s like I am dreaming!!!!!!!

She’s just so AMAZING.

Moment of my life

After her epic performance of Bad Romance she sang JUDAS!!! I mean I heard hours before that she won’t sing it. But she did! She just stands for what is right because there is nothing wrong with Judas. If you just read the lyrics and understand it! People just misinterpret it!

She just dance & sing perfectly. She always say “JUMP”. The way she said it was just so wonderful.

` Just Dance, Love Game, and TELEPHONE` <3

I really that costume! She looks so lovely

“I’ve got no service in Manila ya seh seh”. :).

And her unforgettable performance of HAIR :’). Her speech made me cry. So wonderful.

“Tonight’s not a statement, Tonight’s coming us together because we believe we were all born this way” :<

~You & I, Poker Face, Alejandro , Paparazzi.


She sang Paparazzi

Singing Alejandro. With her meat sofa. Per layer, Roberto, Fernando, Alejandro.

After Paparazzi. She said goodnight.. but of course, she still have 2 more songs. <3 The Edge of Glory & Marry the Night!!! i don’t want to end this yet.. :'(

The stage went down, she was gone, the light turned on. It was over. :'(. BUT i’ll tell you that it is all worth it! I T WAS THE BEST NIGHT I’D EVER HAD. Dream come true!!!! I love her so much!

After that, I went to the Merch Stand. The line is so long but i won’t leave the arena without my T-shirt, Lunchbox and tourbook. I was talking to the salesgirl.. and oh.. tourbook/lunchbox SOLD OUT. WHHHHHAAAAA.. :(. Crap. But I still got the shirt tho. I just wish that i’ve gone even before the show started. Wrong move.

I look drunk. lalalala.

Okay. Whattaface. x). – The video that i took. Speech/intro of hair. More to come!!! :3


I STILL CAN’T GET OVER. GAGA ILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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