Party at Cravings, Katipunan

Hello!!! I know my last post was Gaga’s concert. Sorry, been busy in the past few days. Anyways we had a party last night for my auntie’s 60th birthday. Hahahaha! I know.. she’s getting older! We celebrated it in Cravings, Katipunan last night. Me & my fam has been celebrating tons of birthdays there. Hehehehe. Well, the best part of the night was the food. Half kidding. :)

My shoes <3

So orangey


The Venue. ;)

Le table

Desserts. For the Win.

Lechon *dies*. It’s so crispy and delicious. I know I will pay for this, but hey. One night only. :)

My aunt blowing her candle.

Buttered Vegetables

Gonna rate the food from 1-5… 3/5. The vegetables were like half cooked. But it’s good tho.

Roast Pot Beef (not sure)

The ever famous dish. It’s like every party that i went serves this! 4/5. :). The meat was soft and tender.

Orange Chicken

I am not a fan of Orange Chicken. Period.

Baked Fish with bacon and mushrooms. One of my favorites. :D!!!!

My Plate :)

The Paella was really good. Satisfied!!!!!!!!!!

Cream of Mushroom. I love it!!!!!

My own plate of lechon ~.~

Takaw! :)

The Band :).

Birthday Greetings.. hey , that’s my dentist!!!! My aunt’s classamate from elem.

LOL. just need to cover up my mouth. Not gonna show my braces. It looks bad. x). Hahaha! Courtesy of Derpina.

Skyping.. Oops, I mean “ooVoo-ing” with our relatives from the states. Skype is retarded =.=

The best creme brulee  I’d ever had! I got more than 5 servings of these. Really Really delicious! How I hope I can go back there and order tons of these. :(!!

A piece of cake

It went fast. I had so much fun. hahahaha! After all the planning and shopping.. it was over.

Bye. :)

~Diana Marieeeeeeeeeee


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