Foodtrip in Katipunan with my BFF. Saint’s Alp Tea, Moshi x2, Chocolat! <3

Hello! So me & besties decided to hang-out with each other before school. Yes, before school. Our classes will start on wednesday. We decided to hang-out first and talk about things before our first day. It was so so nice seeing them. At first it’s awkward but we already knew each other so well. So it’s not a problem anymore. Anyways, after Angel’s dad dropped us in Katipunan. We got confused on where we will eat! :(. Our plan was to have lunch in Gravy Fix + Milk Tea. But all our plans was changed… we ended up in 3 places. Saint’s Alp Tea House, Moshi Moshi & Chocolat!!!!! So unexpected.. expect for Chocolat!

1. Saint’s Alp Tea House



From left to right. Dragon Milk Tea w/ Tapioca (newest on the menu), Green Apple Tea (Must try), Mango w/ Green Tea Base. I ordered the mango one. It was good. Just like you’re typical flavored tea. Will sure be back! :). The ambiance is good. Not too noisy. And perfect place for hanging – out. Hahahaha!

2. Moshi Moshi

Since Saint’s Alp blah blah blah is just very near to Moshi Moshi, we decided to give it a try. Hehehehe. We ordered Takoyaki!! Yay!

Japanese ~

OMG. Are these Kitkats for sale? Hahaha forgot to ask!

Kawii Overload!

Here it is! It is delicious, but I think that the Takoyaki’s in stalls are much better.

My bestfriend since grade 1. Jemi. How I hope that we belong in the same sections this year! </3 :). Please.

3. Chocolat

Chocolat is a cake shop which is so hidden. Thanks to Dekaphobe ( ) for featuring it in her blog! We had a hard time finding it. I searched it’s address on the internet and all i can remember was Metro Bank & B. Gonzales so thank God Jemi spotted it in the car on our way to Katipunan. BTW we walked from KFC up to there. SO FAR. At least we we’re already hungry by the time we got there.

A milestone

Finally! My feet was kinda hurt now, coz’ i was wearing my vans without socks.

Cakes! I really heard that their cake is really affordable and delicious! Me & Angel ordered Deep dark Chocolate! We got it in take out coz’ we still need to go back to school before 5 p.m. :(

Deep Dark Chocolate

OHHHH. SO YUMMY. I love chocolate so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jemi ordered .. oh great i forgot. =.=. Sorry!

Hehehe, a day filled with fun & laughter. We talked about our summer and school. Can you believe it? We will be 3rd year this year ( H.S. ) And one year to go , i am finally graduating. NO. I can’t believe it. Why time is so fast? The thing that really made me nervous this year is that they’re shuffling our sections. T.T I am gonna miss my classmates from 1-2nd year! I HOPE THAT my besties will be my classmate or ELSE. :'(. Wednesday is the start. Can’t really believe it. Am i dreaming?

Anyways, how was your high school days? hehehehe.

Till’ next time!



3 thoughts on “Foodtrip in Katipunan with my BFF. Saint’s Alp Tea, Moshi x2, Chocolat! <3

  1. I miss going on food trips in the Katipunan area! The apple tea from St. Alps looks refreshing. I was supposed to go to Chocolat before with friends but I wasn’t able to join them… the chocolate cake looks good! :D

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