KFC’s Cheesetop burger!

Okay, so today I’ve finally tried KFC Philippines newest offering. Their “Cheesetop burger”. It’s picture become viral in the internet! And even Jimmy Kennel made a joke about it. So, when I woke up this morning it’s trending in the internet and everywhere. Since me & my friends are hanging out I decided to give it a try! :) I am so exited.


That is not the bun, that’s the cheese!!! What do you expect? To see the exact same thing from the picture? =.= I think that’s kinda dry. I prefer that they melted the cheese a lil’ bit. Sticking to their words “not messy” but still. It would be more delicious!!

Anyways, my first bite was okay. Until I noticed something really different. It doesn’t taste like your usual burger. I mean it has a taste that will really not please your tastebuds. I don’t know if it’s the bun or sauce or maybe the cheese. Well, maybe it’s just me. Give it a try! Ratings – 2/5



2 thoughts on “KFC’s Cheesetop burger!

  1. The burger’s too salty for my taste. My friends forced me to try it out one day. Didn’t like it. Haha. :P

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