SUPER BASS!!!! Better late than never. I was trying to open my account few weeks ago and it won’t work! And finally, I can now share my experience from Pink Friday Manila! We had a hard time getting tickets coz’ we weren’t able to avail plans from Globe hehehe. Anyways, last July 11, 2012 Nicki Minaj performed at Mall of Asia SM Arena for the first time. I swear, it was so good & party like concert!

We’re still lucky to get the Lowerbox SRO ( standing ) and we got that the day before the concert *phew*. I went with my classmate. So right after school (4p.m.) we went straight to the MRT so it’ll be fast, no traffics. Then straight to MOA but of course we had some snacks first.

They only opened one entrance, which is the blue. I don’t know why and fyi they opened the gates at 6pm. Unlike Lady Gaga both gates are open and lines are super long but here you don’t have to wait that much but it’s crowded. Since our place is standing we’re supposed to go there a lil’ bit earlier ( blame school, hahaha ).

The line for the SRO’s.

The concert started past 9 pm :(. And…


Beez in the Trap. She looks like a walking highlighter tho.


She really looked beautiful in that dress. But she is really beautiful! She looks like Barbie! I mean seriously <3

Me & my friends were party hard!!!!! Actually in our sections were the only “wild ones” I REALLY HAD A GREAT TIME.

We keep shouting and dancing especially when she sang Starships, Turn me on,  etc. The highlight of the night was her performance of Super Bass. It was infinite. Confettis falls to the ground and everybody was singing. Plus she called 5 peeps from the crowd! I MEAN THEY’RE SO LUCKYY! Drrrr, How I hope I was in the vip section and I would come up to the stage and dance with her! She also threw tons of shirts (well not really that much). Anyways, IT WAS AWESOME! NICKI I LOVE YOU!!!!!

One of the best party concert ever!

I feel infinite


P.S. I was sleeping in my classes the next day. HAHAHA!




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