Twister Fries is Back!

Mcdonalds Philippines released again it’s limited edition “Twister Fries”  last week or so. I was so happy when I heard this news from my sister. It’s my all time favorite! I remember when I was a kid, I super duper loved eating this, and it’s back!


They sell the fries for Ala carte P59, with Coke Float P79 and with Monster Coke Float P 89, not bad though. It’s also called “curly fries”. Too bad it’s only limited edition. I heard that it’s gonna be around for 3 months but when I ask the cashier in Mcdo Cubao they said that it’s only going to last until to the end of August. I don’t know why they have to end this!! This is one of their best-seller!

Anyways, I promise my self that as long as it is around that’s the only thing that i will eat ( well not really ). So far i’ve already munched in 3 twister fries. Hehehe.


Hooray! It still tasted the same. Hmm, it’s like zesty fries tho. I’ll never get sick of these.

~Diana ;)


Edit, we can’t resist it. So we ordered *again*.

Oh look at the fat twister over there. Hehehe.


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