I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about my very first trip on Bonchon!! @_@! Am I that busy? Hahahaha! Anyways last month, If I am not mistaken me & friends finally had time to try out BonChon. Right after when our Mid-Qtr exams. Luckily, one of our classmate decided to treat us! :D



Too bad our table were split into two. :(. The boys section.

Woot, ordered 12 plates of Thigh & Drumstick Meal!!

ImageTo my surprise, I really thought that our order will took maybe 30 minutes. Because it was many and the place was packed. But it was served after 10 minutes or so!! Happiness! :D

ImageFirst bite was love <3. Seriously. The sauce ( soy garlic ) made the chicken much more delicious. Crunchy from the outside, soft in the inside. It was perfect, because in case you still don’t know, I am big fan of chicken!!!!!!

My new bestfriend!! I am planning to try their Bulgogi beef rice, Ko-Yo & Fish Taco! :D



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