Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy is located at Cubao X (Expo). When we dined in there last week it’s still in it’s soft opening. At first we were hesitant to go in since we thought that it is still closed. Finally, when we got in they offer non other than Milk & Cookies! It’s really cool coz’ they bake their own cookies such as White/Dark Tobleron, Milo, Maltasers, Choco Oatmeal, Butterscotch & Bacon (Very interesting) & Chocolate Chip. On their Milk section, pure,low fat milk & chocolate milk are available at 1/4,1/2 & 1 liter. Plus, they also serve Coffee & Tea. The space in second floor is very spacious, it’s filled with artworks.




ImageStudy time!! Need to do our projects, themes, plates and study for our quarterly exam.

But our attention was gone when they start serving…

ImageAhh milk!!! Look at those cute little jars! 1/2 & 1/4. My friend ordered Low – Fat & I ordered Pure ^_^.


Mary Rose got the last serving of Choco Milk =.=. She wants more!!!!!!


Stephanie got Coffee!!!!!!! Look at the little glass of milk @_@

It took a while after they got us our cookies. So I did my summary in Noli Me Tangere. Why?! Spanish are so asjdsijdos. While they did their Plates and reviewed in History.

And then it came!! It was love at first bite! It goes perfectly with the milk. Ahh.


I ordered Milo. I only ordered one since “i am on a diet”. :)

Will definitely go back!!! Give it a try!



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