DIY : Ombre Nails :)

Hey guys! Since ombre is a hot trend now, why don’t you try doing it with your nails with very few easy steps. All you need is – Nail polish (2 colors) -Plastic -Toothpick -Foam/cotton cloth That’s it!! 1. First paint your nails with the color that you want. Pink! 2. After painting your nails […]


Finally found a new tea place in Katipunan ave. extension! It’s called Bonappetea. The last time I saw this is that they were just in a small stall beside their newly opened place. We got there by night and it was empty and very cozy. It’s not just your simple milk tea place. It’s really […]

Meeting Saab Magalona

Whoop. 2 months without blogging, huh. Again, I really got busy with stuffs, since Junior year is one of my busiest year is H.S. And now it’s sembreak I finally found time to blog! :D Anyways, I found on Saab’s blog that they’re having this “Boot Camp” on Route 196. Flying Ipis, Ernville etc. will […]