Meeting Saab Magalona

Whoop. 2 months without blogging, huh. Again, I really got busy with stuffs, since Junior year is one of my busiest year is H.S. And now it’s sembreak I finally found time to blog! :D

Anyways, I found on Saab’s blog that they’re having this “Boot Camp” on Route 196. Flying Ipis, Ernville etc. will be performing @ 9p.m. I tweeted Saab if it’s on Tomato Kick near Banapple, I really don’t read informations hahaha. She replied back that it will be held on Route 196, I was thinking that Tomato Kick changed its name to Route 196, and all I was thinking is that it was just on the corner of the street. Then we found out that it’s on the other side of Katipunan :(! But before that we have dinner first.

It’s banapple twime!

Chicken Pie & Potato Salad

It’s my first time to order this and I wasn’t disappointed. Angel & Stephanie both ordered Lasagna roll-ups! We didn’t even get to finish our food, we got so full easily.

After that, we went to walk from Banapple up to the end of the road, well near Caltex (going to White Plains) because there’s no footbridge and we are to scared to cross the street, lot’s of cars and it was raining. Plus, we almost thought we are going to be kidnapped! There was this taxi and.. *long story*. Thank God, we’re safe! We thought of going home but I insisted coz’ I really go to this Boot Camp.

We walked again and we were wet and tired. So glad that there was this milk tea place beside Route 196 called Bon Appetea. And oh my gosh, it was so good!! The place is so spacious, relaxing! Their milk tea is the best!

We waited for like an hour or so and went to Route 196. We went back and forth and there was no around except for the waiter. When we got in, I was so surprised. There were skateboards and they do sell skateboard!! Wow!!I asked the waiter on what time the gig will start he said before 10. Yes, before 10 pm! Agh! Hello, we have classes tomorrow and obviously, my friends are not allowed to stay up late at night.  So glad that they have wi-fi, we tweeted Saab, (harhar) that we are already there. It was getting late, and we thought that we are never going to meet her. Until after tweeting 23918024 times, more cars are coming then we realize that it might’ve already started. We went outside and found her! Aha! I am too shy to approach her. So glad that her boyfriend Jim from Ernville approached us! How sweet! Saab must be really lucky! Then, finally.

Woot. After all the what we’ve been through, chos. Saab is really pretty and flawless. Super duper wanted to go inside. I want to see Ernville and Flying Ipis perform. If it wasn’t for our school even tho we don’t have classes anymore but still. :(. Anyways, I still have a good night after all!




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