DIY : Ombre Nails :)

Hey guys! Since ombre is a hot trend now, why don’t you try doing it with your nails with very few easy steps. All you need is – Nail polish (2 colors) -Plastic -Toothpick -Foam/cotton cloth That’s it!! 1. First paint your nails with the color that you want. Pink! 2. After painting your nails […]


Finally found a new tea place in Katipunan ave. extension! It’s called Bonappetea. The last time I saw this is that they were just in a small stall beside their newly opened place. We got there by night and it was empty and very cozy. It’s not just your simple milk tea place. It’s really […]

Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy is located at Cubao X (Expo). When we dined in there last week it’s still in it’s soft opening. At first we were hesitant to go in since we thought that it is still closed. Finally, when we got in they offer non other than Milk & Cookies! It’s really cool coz’ they […]


It’s raining outside and I’m feeling cold. Waiting to get ready to go out. So I’ve just decided to write a short poem.                                                                    DROPS  It’s raining and everythings out Feeling the pain that I need to let out Each time you’re hear I feel different In the stained glass gate I entered Going […]

Ugly Doll x

Ugly Doll is really cute… not ugly, well for me they’re not! I found it unique, with their names being ugly and their different designs! Dave Darinko Red Flatwoodsey I actually want to buy one but I can’t fine one here in the Philippines. Well yeah i found a store that sells uglydolls but the […]