Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy is located at Cubao X (Expo). When we dined in there last week it’s still in it’s soft opening. At first we were hesitant to go in since we thought that it is still closed. Finally, when we got in they offer non other than Milk & Cookies! It’s really cool coz’ they […]

Happy Lemon (o_<)

Happy Lemon serves one of the best milk tea with their signature “Rock Salt & Cheese”. They originated in Hong Kong and started franchising here in the Philippines. The first time I tasted Happy Lemon is when I was in Hong Kong.. being unfamiliar with the drink I ordered their most likeable( the one that […]

Pancakes with Sundae :>

  Heyyyooo! Last thursday I went to my bff’s crib and had some quality time together! What’s bonding with out eating right? Hahaha! So they served us homemade pancakes. At the same time we ordered Sundae from Mcdo. I got caramel!   MMMMMM. Whillleee I was eating my pancake full of syrup, I decided to […]

Gravy Fix

  Remember in my previous post that I totally want to try Gravy Fix? Well yes, & I’ve got the chance to try it yesterday! It’s located in Katipunan near Pizza Hut. When we first enter in, it was crowded, full of students. The ambiance isn’t really good, well for me it isn’t. It’s simple […]