Meeting Saab Magalona

Whoop. 2 months without blogging, huh. Again, I really got busy with stuffs, since Junior year is one of my busiest year is H.S. And now it’s sembreak I finally found time to blog! :D Anyways, I found on Saab’s blog that they’re having this “Boot Camp” on Route 196. Flying Ipis, Ernville etc. will […]

Highlights of 2011

I know it’s already January 13, 2012 (friday the 13th, I really don’t know why they hate that date) and I shouldn’t be talking about 2011 anymore but I will. Highlights of 2011 (based on my own analysis). I am just gonna put up here what attracts me the most last 2011. So let’s start […]

Katy Perry Live in Manila 2012

O..M.G. I can’t believe that Katy Perry is coming in the Philippines for second time around. I am just so so exited! While i was watching Modern Family the advert just appeared “Katy Perry California Dreams Tour 2012 live in Manila” i was dumb founded. This is my second time to go to Perry concert […]