Current Obsession

Hello. How you doing? :). I’ve been busy again these days. But I finally found a time to post some of my personal things here on my blog. And I want to share it with you guys. First, I am currently obsessed with m new Vans. I got mine in light/mint green. Is that it? […]

Vans : The Collection

“Vans’ storied history, and our connection with skate and surf culture, began in 1966 Southern California with the rolling out of a single pair of shoes. They were named Authentic. In the generations since, they have only gotten more popular amongst hardcore skaters and skate enthusiasts. Their design is simple, stylish, and effective: a low […]

The Yellow Plastic bag ❤

Yellow bag = Forever 21. Well we all know that forever 21’s bag is yellow with it’s name on it which is black ( i don’t know in other countries, may vary ). So to start with I am gonna tell you that it is one of my favorite stores! I mean like seriously, their […]