Instagram is one of the most popular app now a days. It is known as photo uploader and for it’s cool filters. And I wanna share to you some of my Instagram pics. Le Breads Night City Flowers Something’s fishy… Beautiful violets & greens. Hahaha, okay I hope you liked it. Very few i know. […]

Summer Job.

So…. Summer is coming and the heat is scorching. What more can I ask more. Waves splashing in, sea shells drinking shakes on a hot summer day. Obviously, I am really really exited for summer! A break for everything! My summer plans is. Go somewhere far, skate, food trip, write, draw and many many more. […]

First Post

So yeah… this is my first post, obviously. I think If I use wordpress I can start a brand new / better blog. I’ll post whatever I want since you’ve already entered the fairy zone. You’ll encounter alot of thing.. lol jk. Pretty much everything. Hope you’ll like my blog. I’ll keep ya updated!