Diana Marie. Physically from Manila, Philippines but Mentally in Spice World a.k.a my world. I love pink, cats, shopping, travelling. I like taking pictures of what I do and the places I’ve been too. And blogging I guess is the best way to share it to everyone. I love writing & reading, like when I am bored or most of the time not, I do write my feelings and opinions about everything. I like writing/submitting news article and doing book reviews. One of my biggest fears is spider. Partly because it got 8 feet but I don’t know it’s just scares me out!


My dream is to travel the whole world. Firstly in asia, europe, then america. But i’ve got some specific places I want to go to. Paris, New york, Japan, London. They’re like my dream cities! But i’ll make sure that someday I’ll be there and wait for my post! Okay?! Hahaha! I am typically obsessed with Lady Gaga & Spice Girls. Since because they’re so amazing, artists! They do produce good music. One of my hobby is eating & shopping. I like eating, love eating, it’s like when I go to a certain place I’ve never been before is to eat. And taste different kind of foods like how do food taste here, is it delicious do they put some different flavors or whatever. And of course to take pictures of it! Lastly, shopping. It’s like a drug, right? Can’t go through a week without mall. So that’s it. Pretty much about who am I. Thanks for reading




– Diana. :)



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