Meeting Saab Magalona

Whoop. 2 months without blogging, huh. Again, I really got busy with stuffs, since Junior year is one of my busiest year is H.S. And now it’s sembreak I finally found time to blog! :D

Anyways, I found on Saab’s blog that they’re having this “Boot Camp” on Route 196. Flying Ipis, Ernville etc. will be performing @ 9p.m. I tweeted Saab if it’s on Tomato Kick near Banapple, I really don’t read informations hahaha. She replied back that it will be held on Route 196, I was thinking that Tomato Kick changed its name to Route 196, and all I was thinking is that it was just on the corner of the street. Then we found out that it’s on the other side of Katipunan :(! But before that we have dinner first.

It’s banapple twime!

Chicken Pie & Potato Salad

It’s my first time to order this and I wasn’t disappointed. Angel & Stephanie both ordered Lasagna roll-ups! We didn’t even get to finish our food, we got so full easily.

After that, we went to walk from Banapple up to the end of the road, well near Caltex (going to White Plains) because there’s no footbridge and we are to scared to cross the street, lot’s of cars and it was raining. Plus, we almost thought we are going to be kidnapped! There was this taxi and.. *long story*. Thank God, we’re safe! We thought of going home but I insisted coz’ I really go to this Boot Camp.

We walked again and we were wet and tired. So glad that there was this milk tea place beside Route 196 called Bon Appetea. And oh my gosh, it was so good!! The place is so spacious, relaxing! Their milk tea is the best!

We waited for like an hour or so and went to Route 196. We went back and forth and there was no around except for the waiter. When we got in, I was so surprised. There were skateboards and they do sell skateboard!! Wow!!I asked the waiter on what time the gig will start he said before 10. Yes, before 10 pm! Agh! Hello, we have classes tomorrow and obviously, my friends are not allowed to stay up late at night.  So glad that they have wi-fi, we tweeted Saab, (harhar) that we are already there. It was getting late, and we thought that we are never going to meet her. Until after tweeting 23918024 times, more cars are coming then we realize that it might’ve already started. We went outside and found her! Aha! I am too shy to approach her. So glad that her boyfriend Jim from Ernville approached us! How sweet! Saab must be really lucky! Then, finally.

Woot. After all the what we’ve been through, chos. Saab is really pretty and flawless. Super duper wanted to go inside. I want to see Ernville and Flying Ipis perform. If it wasn’t for our school even tho we don’t have classes anymore but still. :(. Anyways, I still have a good night after all!





I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about my very first trip on Bonchon!! @_@! Am I that busy? Hahahaha! Anyways last month, If I am not mistaken me & friends finally had time to try out BonChon. Right after when our Mid-Qtr exams. Luckily, one of our classmate decided to treat us! :D



Too bad our table were split into two. :(. The boys section.

Woot, ordered 12 plates of Thigh & Drumstick Meal!!

ImageTo my surprise, I really thought that our order will took maybe 30 minutes. Because it was many and the place was packed. But it was served after 10 minutes or so!! Happiness! :D

ImageFirst bite was love <3. Seriously. The sauce ( soy garlic ) made the chicken much more delicious. Crunchy from the outside, soft in the inside. It was perfect, because in case you still don’t know, I am big fan of chicken!!!!!!

My new bestfriend!! I am planning to try their Bulgogi beef rice, Ko-Yo & Fish Taco! :D


Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy is located at Cubao X (Expo). When we dined in there last week it’s still in it’s soft opening. At first we were hesitant to go in since we thought that it is still closed. Finally, when we got in they offer non other than Milk & Cookies! It’s really cool coz’ they bake their own cookies such as White/Dark Tobleron, Milo, Maltasers, Choco Oatmeal, Butterscotch & Bacon (Very interesting) & Chocolate Chip. On their Milk section, pure,low fat milk & chocolate milk are available at 1/4,1/2 & 1 liter. Plus, they also serve Coffee & Tea. The space in second floor is very spacious, it’s filled with artworks.




ImageStudy time!! Need to do our projects, themes, plates and study for our quarterly exam.

But our attention was gone when they start serving…

ImageAhh milk!!! Look at those cute little jars! 1/2 & 1/4. My friend ordered Low – Fat & I ordered Pure ^_^.


Mary Rose got the last serving of Choco Milk =.=. She wants more!!!!!!


Stephanie got Coffee!!!!!!! Look at the little glass of milk @_@

It took a while after they got us our cookies. So I did my summary in Noli Me Tangere. Why?! Spanish are so asjdsijdos. While they did their Plates and reviewed in History.

And then it came!! It was love at first bite! It goes perfectly with the milk. Ahh.


I ordered Milo. I only ordered one since “i am on a diet”. :)

Will definitely go back!!! Give it a try!


Twister Fries is Back!

Mcdonalds Philippines released again it’s limited edition “Twister Fries”  last week or so. I was so happy when I heard this news from my sister. It’s my all time favorite! I remember when I was a kid, I super duper loved eating this, and it’s back!


They sell the fries for Ala carte P59, with Coke Float P79 and with Monster Coke Float P 89, not bad though. It’s also called “curly fries”. Too bad it’s only limited edition. I heard that it’s gonna be around for 3 months but when I ask the cashier in Mcdo Cubao they said that it’s only going to last until to the end of August. I don’t know why they have to end this!! This is one of their best-seller!

Anyways, I promise my self that as long as it is around that’s the only thing that i will eat ( well not really ). So far i’ve already munched in 3 twister fries. Hehehe.


Hooray! It still tasted the same. Hmm, it’s like zesty fries tho. I’ll never get sick of these.

~Diana ;)


Edit, we can’t resist it. So we ordered *again*.

Oh look at the fat twister over there. Hehehe.


SUPER BASS!!!! Better late than never. I was trying to open my account few weeks ago and it won’t work! And finally, I can now share my experience from Pink Friday Manila! We had a hard time getting tickets coz’ we weren’t able to avail plans from Globe hehehe. Anyways, last July 11, 2012 Nicki Minaj performed at Mall of Asia SM Arena for the first time. I swear, it was so good & party like concert!

We’re still lucky to get the Lowerbox SRO ( standing ) and we got that the day before the concert *phew*. I went with my classmate. So right after school (4p.m.) we went straight to the MRT so it’ll be fast, no traffics. Then straight to MOA but of course we had some snacks first.

They only opened one entrance, which is the blue. I don’t know why and fyi they opened the gates at 6pm. Unlike Lady Gaga both gates are open and lines are super long but here you don’t have to wait that much but it’s crowded. Since our place is standing we’re supposed to go there a lil’ bit earlier ( blame school, hahaha ).

The line for the SRO’s.

The concert started past 9 pm :(. And…


Beez in the Trap. She looks like a walking highlighter tho.


She really looked beautiful in that dress. But she is really beautiful! She looks like Barbie! I mean seriously <3

Me & my friends were party hard!!!!! Actually in our sections were the only “wild ones” I REALLY HAD A GREAT TIME.

We keep shouting and dancing especially when she sang Starships, Turn me on,  etc. The highlight of the night was her performance of Super Bass. It was infinite. Confettis falls to the ground and everybody was singing. Plus she called 5 peeps from the crowd! I MEAN THEY’RE SO LUCKYY! Drrrr, How I hope I was in the vip section and I would come up to the stage and dance with her! She also threw tons of shirts (well not really that much). Anyways, IT WAS AWESOME! NICKI I LOVE YOU!!!!!

One of the best party concert ever!

I feel infinite


P.S. I was sleeping in my classes the next day. HAHAHA!