The Yellow Plastic bag ❤

Yellow bag = Forever 21. Well we all know that forever 21’s bag is yellow with it’s name on it which is black ( i don’t know in other countries, may vary ). So to start with I am gonna tell you that it is one of my favorite stores! I mean like seriously, their stuffs are great and lots of shoes & accessories choices!

Why is the title Yellow bag instead of “Forever 21” or “My favorite shop” it’s just because their bag really attracts me. It only has three branches here in the Philippines 1 in SM Megamall, SM Makati & SM Cebu. And the first time I went to their SM Megamall branch ( which is their first branch. It opened last 2010 )  it’s like really good & so so big! So while I was roaming around almost everyone got this yellow bag with the black symbol around the mall no other than Forever 21. It is indeed attractive partly because Forever 21 is like the apple of the eye in that mall ( or was it just me hahaha).

Look those sweats!

Accessories. Actually their prices is affordable for long lasting & cute clothes.

(from F21 PH)

The shoes! ❤

That’s all. The Yellow plastic bag. See you again!





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